IANA Functions: Impact on Global Economic Competition

IANA Functions: Impact on Global Economic Competition

IANA functions to register the geometries that define the landscape for information constructs. In time, the somewhat deterministic structures that were reserved economize non-congruence to keep competition captive. That nature predominantly reflects its constituent cross-section of industries. For most individuals and organizations that interact with this overall structure, any ability to potentiate their position meaningfully becomes diminished by an asymmetric advantage of information to environment.

Competition is motivated by the belief that potential, driven by will, and guided by the undercurrent of individuality, realizes possibility. Between groups these are the realities of opportunity and cultural identity respectively, internalized over time through pervasively connected environments. If realization of opportunity is relative modern valuations, and sense through environment contributes to culture, is their substantive manufacture, by the few, for the many, feasible? Yet world populations continued to competitively grow through the ages, with nations that governed themselves in accordance to will developed from their native diversity, such that global governance resolved to respect freedom for each to sustain their civil value. To preserve competition, the structure of modern communications that facilitates community interaction, must enable nations to sustain equitable value, and guarantee that they may keep their differences. In such respect, the current IANA functions contract stipulates that IANA must not be operated for competitive advantage. Accordingly, should the sole context of accountability within IANA transition discussions be that of maintaining a standard of technical performance?

Consider that IANA functions represent global assignment of interest on shared infrastructure and populations represent stakeholders to virtual environments in evolution with their local realities. Implicit value is communicated with each nation, organization, and individual time/resource expenditure, in recognition of assignment. Structure that is far removed from proximity to civic conditions, yet benefits to displace the value therein through virtual efficiencies, must apply new mechanisms that tie-in organic adjudication for global competitive equitability.

Civilization must continue to overcome inequity through civil participation for just representation and organizational separation of powers. History instructs, by example, to the pervasive influence of structural amalgamation, of sustainability, and the broad human condition. What is innovation without reflection on analogy to adapt concept to the context in evolving environments? Monetization of value ensuing from IANA functions is a privilege that the world entrusts with the expectation that its return benefits the security of economic competition.

IANA Transition Proposal Consideration/Recommendations